i close my eyes repetitive images cross i admit i stopped looked in both directions found solace mood encapsulated head dug into shoulder pungeant wooden desk like a tree my lifespan evolves each branch a path length equated to mortality some thicker aggressive hulk-like flex pride developed by journey a stern mentality a gentle heart... Continue Reading →


i will never forget the first time womb met tomb i was born in a storm heart valves yelling turbulent thorns a rose over a grave i swear by age nine i knew my war wouldnt be over i had to face my honor code before i developed a chip on my shoulder still broken... Continue Reading →

brown body crawl forward

red road red road release me of toll see me condensated windows raindrop galaxies black matter where everything once mattered now shattered cloud a-thunder temper tantrums toiled depression anthems swollen eye lids vitality i wish crows eyes disguise darkened skies reignite dna fights fights fights until emergence wins lost in what is instead of wow... Continue Reading →

something new

Dear Followers, Although I know there isn't many of you out there (yet), I'm trying something new this summer where I'll be sharing more of my developing poetry style. Writing got me through the difficulties of adolescence and young adulthood and now, writing is my only way of breathing.  I changed the title to "brown... Continue Reading →

Untitled: 7

Repetitive days sum up a season of illusion. I'm in motion doing God-knows-how-much speed. Hands over a horizon with my chin up, I'm trying to cover my wounds while I sing. Voice so raspy I'm beginning to dim. I keep hearing words unspoken. All I can think about is how a voice can be so... Continue Reading →

Time & Space

When you exist in a vast universe like ours When your fist is clenched and your sights are escaping the wreaths of chains When the sun sets beyond the hills while your audience roots for you but your knees shake nervously and you're stuck, confused, not knowing what to do When everyone's rooting but you,... Continue Reading →

High Times: Of Immortality & Joy

High times remind me of good times. Times where you can feel the very air you breathe, and see it, like it was the very first time Takes me back to when I was a kid, looking at the sky with high curiosity. Wonder luscious with sentiment. Guess some seconds are really sacred, built in... Continue Reading →

Bus Diaries: Of Denial & Acceptance

  Golden day repenting, I'm feeling light in my soul. Where I come from, it's a royalty, feel like I'm flying again, fighting away the negativity lurking within Walking away from fire for now until my days are stronger, c'mon, let the fight in again. I'm a warrior waiting, wandering, challenging my neighbors to feel... Continue Reading →

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