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introspecting directing anger mortification today i saw a stranger awakening broken reflection after all these years stuck in the lesson reawaken in defeat wings lifting my feet music notes tied high ceiling soaked in fuel soaked in cruel intention with inflection remembering yourself seems harder than the guessin' that got you by 26 years down... Continue Reading →

premonition potion

overcome stunned love over lust won thrust trust bomb atomic beyond song syllable strong still my life will live until i breathe the next life now is all pretext lord let my soul ignite let me win the good fight ive wrestled between wrong and write something in me feels connected i feel infected like... Continue Reading →


skin blooms like mushrooms layer of bricks painted a mural of hatred looms among jungles like this greed consumes survival is nature womb to the tomb a bag of blood flooded these streets before it all started chaos glued to rhythm muster brown body crawl forward before stardust becomes home love before death if its... Continue Reading →


mirror mirror on the wall flower plaster blown on my fall how tall is glory if not higher than what i can stand when did sand figure out unity is a mix of elements born in the storm four valve chambers thrown over the years we hone our best abilities to escape home mirror mirror... Continue Reading →


feel my limbs torn in two directions where does the brain draw the limit emotions rollercoasting hallways blackened with distortion i hop the window pain make it out alive realize my body fades i ask why theres a darkened funnel in the sky pink on the outside fading into purple hits blood red pulp before... Continue Reading →


swear i never heard a rumble like this running from myself conflicts with the person i wish to dissapear since starring at the mirror isnt working can i feel something other than hurting? hate sitting here thinking my guilt is a prison i dont understand exactly when became too distant from my own blood when... Continue Reading →


mother breathes a breeze a mind at ease find peace i remember to water my roots fertilize the embodiment being wise is equal to fighting your environment doesnt encapsulate resilience in a bottle a heavy foot on the throttle someone please pass another somewhere along gray theres matter green refer days split between madness is... Continue Reading →


a stroke of green shadow timelapse windy glaze flickers a nimble leaf in the jungle thorns exist among thorns people hover a pole among the hook an insect stuffed with poison ready to be consumed coincidence of misfortune a world shook rediscovered killer of hope looms crawl into a shipyard open the crate's rusty door... Continue Reading →


my soul is living in two different dimensions divided like a mountain stretch vertically placed i can't decide what's worse not saying goodbye to Uncle Martin or seeing my mother's eyes saddened for days endured i can't imagine what it felt like losing a little brother so young its not fair cant imagine losing mine... Continue Reading →

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