swear i never heard a rumble like this
running from myself conflicts with
the person i wish to dissapear since
starring at the mirror isnt working
can i feel something other than hurting?

hate sitting here thinking my guilt is a prison i dont understand exactly when
became too distant from my own blood
when was it i decided i wanted to feel
something other than hurt and confusion?

guess its true
i still love you america
since youre the voice remaining
when im in the corner bighting my tongue
when was it you sung words of hate to me
america something happened between us
excuse the stammering verses
im still hurting

my dreams fade into a western dawn
killed by the force of an atombic bomb
breathing still exist beyond these walls i crawl from
i lie and release my heavy sigh
my song

the sensation is as realest as it gets
im between highs and lows
i feel sober everytime i look at my arms
flashbacks of ambulances reaching
a blur like a movie i saw as a child
feeling down is equivalent to swollowing a bottle of shallow pills
america breathe with your gills

i, denounced by two nations in the crossing
my token of toil lies under pyramids
i stand before you with my right hand
on my left shoulder
my two knees scraped up
pride is now taped up
i hear white crackling spleens soiled
must be the guilt you feel
“liberal now neo” or so you feel
i cant stand you
i hate that everyday
i have to remind you
brown people are building an empire
youre just a potential asset
stop trying to be gangster
you have no clue what its like
to fight the good fight in your life
you think you own this
not knowing the night
is when all the pondering ignites
all Aztec seeds think about the dna they breathe
our evolving philosophy will last longer than your greed

i think about death more often
than the average person
mostly because im constantly battling
shattering verses just to breathe
in this place we worship vitality
learn from our worst calamities
its all worth it in the light of darkness
all worth it
no need to remind me

will the sacred ever heal the wounded?
wouldnt know unless you cut deeper
than six feet dug crying eyes shrug
let the rain stop
my ashes rest above

the cards must be stuck to the table right now the odds may be against everything i stand for
ill flip the table over if i need to
just to reach another day next to you
america i still love you


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