mother breathes a breeze
a mind at ease find peace
i remember to water my roots
fertilize the embodiment
being wise is equal to fighting
your environment doesnt encapsulate
resilience in a bottle
a heavy foot on the throttle
someone please pass another
somewhere along gray theres matter
green refer days split between madness
is there a way out of this
i cant stand it sometimes
i wanna up and leave
continous defeat after linear sea
must be heavy waves crushing me

im the rose born in the gravel
my arms brutally long
abnormal turmoil head in the soil
motor running outta oil
thorns like the spur hated by the horse
peircing pair of purs puring downward
my throat is the voice of a god
only throne left to absolve
peicing pair of spurs to disperse my love
for who nears i wish a good run
in this environment
having thorns is equal to surviving
a loaded mind carried by the good inside
roses are beautiful because they thrive
like the moon and sun
continue to endure self growth
continue to grow together
despite the darkness of whats beyond

worlds between me feel like i cant breathe
you have to suffer thunderstorms
before the fertilizer begins to work
in this world of mine you need courage
point out the right and wrong
bravery is bigger than pride
sometimes we sacrifice a slice of a high
and mend the broken stems
crawling back reaching your two hands
somewhere among the darkness hides the sun
ill die before i see all of our buds bloom
reach the sky unto a new light
i know behind the storm exist hope
my duty every day is to scope a new way
strengthening my roots is priority before me
the deeper i extend
i feel waves diamondlike
sometimes i cant decide because i
lose myself and cry
like visiting a tomb after years pass by
i feel connected to every particle
connected and alive


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