i close my eyes
repetitive images cross
i admit i stopped
looked in both directions
found solace
mood encapsulated
head dug into shoulder
pungeant wooden desk
like a tree
my lifespan evolves
each branch a path
length equated to mortality
some thicker aggressive
hulk-like flex
pride developed by journey
a stern mentality
a gentle heart
sensitive to my environment
hesitant from the start
rise poet god
at every wake
my dna shakes
why is my skin so shy
i have nightmares frequently
segments of anxiety
fear-induced nightsweats
fear waving goodbye
adrenaline stuck to memory
another sap on a tree
i swear i dont remember
feeling this way alive
am i doing everything alright
am i happy in this light
why does it feel uncomfortable
being myself or going outside
i wonder why my eyes magnify
how i feel
where do i draw the line
between fake and real
i want to ascend myself
i know to well
solitude is hard to leave
how do i tell my other me
im afraid i’ll close the gap
if i breathe
gravity please
take me


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